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There Is A Place For Tape: Page 2 of 2

To paraphrase Shakespeare, "The problem, dear George, lies not with our tapes but with ourselves". We use backup software for archives, don't convert data to standard formats for archival storage and fail to use products like B&L's Vertices to track who moves what tape where and when.

As long as we front end tape with an archiving system that stores the more frequently accessed data and the all-important extended metadata and index on disk, tape has some significant advantages. In eDiscovery, you could enter a query, have the system spit out a list of tapes to load into the library and then in a few hours have the data ready for the attorneys to review.

While a 1-TB hard drive and an LTO tape hold and cost about the same at CDW, the hard drive needs to be permanently mounted in a storage system where the vendor can mark it up so the cost per GB goes up 10X to 1,000X. Then they get to collect 15% of the market up price every year for maintenance and you have to pay for power and cooling. Tape on the shelf has none of these costs.

Next time we'll look at the total cost of ownership of various storage solutions for archival data in detail.