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Tarmin Releases GridBank 1.5

ONGAR, U.K., and PALO ALTO, Calif. -- Tarmin Technologies, a leading provider of active archive, object-based storage, information lifecycle management (ILM), and storage software optimized for secondary tiered deployments, today announced GridBank 1.5. Designed to substantially lower an organization's storage and data management Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), GridBank 1.5 boasts a number of significant new features. Among these are: support for Microsoft® SharePoint®, 64-bit editions of GridBank for Linux and Windows® Server 2008, e-discovery and search for storage resources outside of the GridBank environment, a web-based management console, and much more.

"GridBank 1.5's innovative design will completely alter the management paradigm for SharePoint," said Arun Taneja, founder and consulting analyst, Taneja Group. "Leveraging its robust encryption, enterprise-strength secure user access control, seamless SharePoint integration, and strong administrative capabilities, GridBank will ensure complete data security and data integrity for SharePoint deployments, while substantially lowering the costs of SharePoint. GridBank 1.5 extends Tarmin's industry leading position in the active archiving market with a solution that provides easy, online access to any kind of unstructured data."

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