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Tacit, Softricity Extend Apps

Call it the WAN do-si-do, where the partners work to accelerate application performance across the wide area.

Tacit Networks said Monday it has certified Softricity Desktop application virtualization software work with Tacits Ishared application acceleration, thereby enabling remote users to run Windows applications without loading them on their desktop or laptop PCs. The software loads an application's registry settings, DLLs, .ini files, and other components the application needs the first time the user requests it. The code is cached on the client PC for subsequent requests.

This makes it easier on administrators, who only have to load and manage the application once, although users must learn to live with a delay of a few seconds when they open an application.

By itself, Softricity loses a lot of its appeal on remote sites. “We required a lot of scripting and a third-party tool to work remotely,” says Softricity founder and marketing VP David Greschler.

That’s where Tacit comes in. Tacit’s iShared WAFS appliance will run Softricity software as one of its services and let remote users access applications on the data center server.

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