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Symantec Targets Disk

Symantec says it wants to improve its disk-based backup, and by disk-based backup it doesn't mean virtual tape libraries (VTLs). (See Symantec Launches API.)

Symantec today announced a NetBackup OpenStorage API, in hopes of improving the integration between its enterprise backup software and disk backup devices. NetBackup group manager Mike Adams says the idea is to forge a better way of backing up to disk than VTL provides.

"We're concentrating on treating disk like disk," Adams says, as opposed to VTL treating disk as tape. "We want to leverage disk without the emulation layer involved that VTL uses."

Adams says Symantec will support VTLs, but the goal is to write data to disk more efficiently than VTLs do. VTLs work by emulation tape, so the backup process is the same except data is being written to disk.

Strangely, Symantec's API partners consists largely of VTL vendors. EMC, Network Appliance, Sun, Copan, DataDomain, Diligent, Falcon, Quantum, and Sepaton are developing products based on the API, which will be generally available with the release of NetBackup 6.5 around the middle of next year.

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