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Swisscom, Iron Mountain Team

BOSTON -- To launch its new online backup service, Swisscom, Switzerland's leading telecom enterprise and IT outsourcing service provider, turned to Iron Mountain Digital, the technology arm of Iron Mountain Incorporated (NYSE: IRM) and the world's leading provider of Storage-as-a-Service solutions for backup and archiving. Swisscom has selected the Company's Connected(R) Backup for PC solution to be the technological backbone of its new flexible and scalable backup offering. Using this solution, companies' mobile staff can backup local data on their PCs and laptops via the internet to Swisscom's data centers, and retrieve the information at any time. Companies that once faced the significant costs and challenges of data loss due to system crashes or laptop theft, are now able to easily and efficiently ensure that their information is securely protected.

With features such as sophisticated data reduction and de-duplication technologies, along with the prospect of a fast return on investment (ROI), easy administration and user friendliness, Swisscom's decision to implement Connected Backup for PC was an easy choice. Plus, Swisscom had already implemented Iron Mountain Digital's solution to protect its own 17,500 staff PCs, promising even more potential synergies.

Swisscom's market research points to massive demand for online backup services for the rising numbers of mobile corporate staff, especially in the small and medium sized enterprise sector. The enterprise also predicts lucrative potential in the field of workplace management. Thanks to its competence in the outsourcing sector, Swisscom will be able to offer businesses improved service level agreements (SLAs), thereby reducing the support workload placed on companies' internal IT departments.

"Many surveys have shown that no company nowadays can get around treating its distributed data on mobile devices any differently from all its other corporate data and integrating them into its data backup strategy," said Georges Schlegel, head of Swisscom's product management division for large businesses. "But it is a lot harder to keep track of distributed data than data stored directly on servers, especially when staff is often on the road. Our online backup service offers businesses a simple means of solving this problem by running automatic backups to central offsite data centers. In doing so, Iron Mountain Digital's technology plays a central role behind the scenes, enabling us to combine data backup and data security in such a way as to offer our customers optimal terms of use."

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