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Sun Opens Up on Open Storage

Sun added more flesh to the bones of its open storage strategy today, bulking up its services and offering a glimpse into its long-term Solaris roadmap.

Sun unveiled its open storage initiative just over a year ago, when it opened up the source code on a number of its NAS technologies, including the ZFS file system and parallel NFS.

Sun also opened up Solaris code related to iSCSI device drivers, QLogic Fibre Channel HBA drivers, and Java implementations of the RPC and NFS protocols, as part of its plan to build storage capabilities into Solaris software running on standard x86 servers.

We have these capabilities that customers can get without having to pay the high cost of storage arrays,” says Graham Lovell, Sun’s senior director for storage servers and appliances. Running Solaris on x86 servers could shave as much as 90 percent off users’ storage costs by removing the need to buy traditional arrays from the likes of EMC or NetApp, according to Lovell.

Using an x86 server for storage purposes nonetheless poses a new set of challenges to users by forcing them to reconfigure their existing hardware to cope with the storage features within Solaris.

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