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Sun To Bundle Servers With 'Free' Oracle Database

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison and Sun Microsystems' CEO Scott McNealy reaffirmed their mutual admiration at a yukfest Tuesday. They said their respective companies will "collaborate, interoperate" for another decade.

McNealy said all of Sun, including its recent acquisitions, will move to the latest release of Oracle's applications. And it will bundle Oracle's database on all of its new UltraSPARC IV servers in what amounts to a free year of use.

The two CEOs, who have seen their companies team and bicker intensely in the past few years, said their organizations will work together on Java for the next 10 years, though details were sketchy. In essence, that means Oracle has signed a 10-year licensing agreement for Java. And the companies will continue to work together on NetBeans.

In addition, Sun will aggressively bundle Oracle's database on its latest UltraSPARC IV servers, including what is essentially a free Oracle Enterprise Edition database.

Oracle had already dubbed its new Solaris 10 operating system as the preferred 64-bit development platform for its wares, after a few years of beating the drum loudly for rival chip architectures from Intel and AMD running cheap blade servers from Dell and other Sun rivals.

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