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StoredIQ Releases New Federated Master Appliance

AUSTIN, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--StoredIQ Inc., a leading provider of Intelligent Information Management and eDiscovery technologies, today announced the immediate availability of a new StoredIQ Federated Master Appliance, delivering federated search, classification and management features designed to expand upon the existing StoredIQ federated litigation hold capability. The StoredIQ Federated Master Appliance allows organizations whose information management needs stretch beyond a single appliance or single geographic location to have unprecedented visibility into distributed data environments and centralized management of multiple StoredIQ appliances.

The StoredIQ Federated Master Appliance centralizes and expands the existing capabilities into a single management device with the following functionality:

* Centralized searching, classification management and data object tagging. Users can now search, classify and tag data objects across multiple distributed appliances as though all the object data was contained on a single appliance. These features allow customers to precisely search and apply consistent classifications and tags across a wide variety of enterprise data systems including file, email, document management and enterprise archiving systems.
* Federation administration interface. Centralized administration is now available for all appliances within the same federation, simplifying appliance administration and implementation of corporate level policies across geographically distributed appliances. Having one easy-to-use interface to manage multiple globally distributed appliances improves administrative efficiency.
* Centralized federated litigation hold. Management of federated litigation holds, enabling robust centralized preservation of electronic data for litigation matters that span multiple geographic locations, is supported within the StoredIQ federated solution. Federated litigation hold automates the collection and preservation of responsive data across multiple sites, reducing the risk of spoliation and potential sanctions by streamlining the eDiscovery process.
* Global visibility and access. Global metrics and reports are available from the StoredIQ Federated Master Appliance that provide unprecedented visibility and access to data across geographically distributed sites. With over 250 out-of-the-box attributes available for capturing and acting on unstructured data, StoredIQ offers the largest set of globally federated metadata for creating reports and metrics that span the enterprise.

"The StoredIQ solution is designed to be at the intersection of eDiscovery, information management and risk and compliance," said Keith Zoellner, Chief Technology Officer at StoredIQ. He adds, "StoredIQ's federation technology provides a unified method of managing business policies against enterprise data. By providing an in-depth assessment of unstructured and semi-structured data across the enterprise, organizations gain critical visibility into their business content to make more informed decisions about the management, retention, and disposition of their data."

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