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Storage Reshapes for Recession

We all hope there won't be a recession. But as the months wear on with no letup in depressing news from key financial sectors, it's getting harder to see through rose-tinted shades. And storage managers, like everyone else, are preparing for lean times.

How will a macroeconomic downturn affect your shop? That depends on many factors -- not least of which is your budget. But it's likely that some technologies will come to the fore, at least near term, while others take a back seat for a while.

In this vein, market researchers Forrester and IDC have rearranged their market forecasts to reflect growth in areas they think will remain profitable despite what seems a likely slowdown in IT spending.

Using their information, as well as data from vendors and other sources, it's possible to get a feel for what may be coming down the pike.

Let's look first at what will grow:

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