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Storage Cloud Emits More Services

Still in its relative infancy, the so-called storage cloud is producing more and more services in response to demand for Web-based hosted storage.

In the latest example, Mosso, a subsidiary of hosting specialist Rackspace, today unveiled its "CloudFS" service, which it says will compete with Amazons S3 offering.

Up until now, Mosso focused its cloud efforts mostly on hosted servers. Now, the vendor offers CloudFS as a way for users to store and access data via the Internet.

“It’s Internet-scale, file-based storage,” says John Engates, the RackSpace CTO, explaining that the service is aimed at photo and video applications, as well as users looking to perform more traditional data backups.

CloudFS is currently offered as a free beta for users that want to test the service, although Engates says that a paid-for production version will be generally available in the third quarter. This will be priced at a similar level to S3, but with one key difference, according to the exec.

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