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Stealthy Nanochip Notches $14M

Secretive semiconductor startup Nanochip has raised $14 million in additional Series C funding to develop a high-capacity alternative to traditional Solid State Disk and USB drives.

The mezzanine round, which included Intel Capital and JK&B Capital, brings Nanochip's total funding to $39 million and will be used to ramp up manufacturing for the startup's closely guarded chip technology.

"We will be choosing our manufacturing partners this year, and then start to get into design verification and customer sampling next year," explains Gordon Knight, the Nanochip CEO.

The Fremont, Calif.-based startup is pushing its chip technology as a cheaper, high-capacity alternative to traditional flash memory. The vendor claims to have developed a way of placing large quantities of data onto its silicon by passing electrical current through an array of tiny "tips" or needles, which write information to a layer of media on top of the silicon itself.

The CEO refused to reveal what exactly this media layer consists of, but he claims that the vendor will be able to store much more data within the same chip as is possible using traditional NAND-based flash memory. "We're about 75 times more dense than the production NAND-flash cells today," says Knight.

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