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Startup Pivot3 Eyes Video

The latest chapter in a series of stealthy startups: Pivot3 will unveil its first products tomorrow, initially targeting its clustered IP storage devices at the booming video surveillance industry.

The Spring, Texas-based firm is touting what it describes as the first distributed RAID system. In a nutshell, Pivot3 has developed block-level virtualization software, running on an Intel-based server, which it describes as RAID Across Independent Gigabit Ethernet (RAIGE).

The idea here is that the virtualization software removes the need for a traditional RAID controller such as NetApp's filer head, while ensuring that data is written across all of the servers in a cluster. Jeff Bell, Pivot3's vice president of marketing, told Byte and Switch that this offers up to five times the throughput of a standard RAID system. "We can drive higher performance by virtue of not having a controller that funnels all of the I/O through it."

Each of these iSCSI servers, or "databanks," contains up to 9 Tbytes of storage and can be added to other databanks in a cluster.

Pricing for the RAIGE devices, which are available now, starts at $22,499. A total of four customers have bought the technology, although only one of these, hosted video surveillance firm Connexed Technologies, has been made public.

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