• 06/01/2002
    2:00 AM
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Springtime Top Ten

Something smells fishy on the Top Ten. Time to flush it out!
Whew, something smells a bit stinky in here, and it isn't the tuna sandwich we left in the desk drawer. Not to be too blunt, but some of the companies on our current Top Ten list smell so fishy, we cant possibly have them up there a moment longer [ed. note: crack a window, man!].

So, just how long can a once fresh-faced startup remain on our list before it starts to smell iffy? Originally, there were six rules to which a startup must adhere to win a place on the list, but we’ve added two more. Why? Because we can. Seriously, though, the days of startups being acquired pre-revenue (or even pre-product) are long gone – which is why we've added the following two rules:

Rule No. 7

Only companies shipping a product get a place.

Rule No. 8

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