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Sonasoft Offers Better Backups For Windows File Servers

Sonasoft, Inc. has released a new data protection management console for Microsoft Windows File Systems designed to simplify, automate and eliminate human error in the backup and recovery process for Windows file servers.

SonaSafe Point-Click Recovery for File Systems provides image-level backup, allowing users to recover quickly from system failure or total disaster. The application permits the recovery of files to the point of failure with open file backup and recovery and bare metal recovery capabilities that let users recover a complete, correctly functioning computer system with no operating system, configuration data or patches.

SonaSafe also permits the recovery of individual files from image-level backups and provides remote data recovery management on multiple servers. It supports Windows NT, 2000, 2003 and XP systems, ensuring data integrity through Open Back Up and providing more efficient storage usage through on-he-fly compression

"SonaSafe delivers the simplest, most automated, and most cost-effective method to manage the backup and recovery process," SonaSoft president and CEO Andy Khanna said in a statement. "SonaSafe data protection management consoles enable corporate executives and IT managers to sleep soundly at night, knowing that their mission-critical data is safe and secure. Just recovering a database or an email or a file that was accidentally deleted by a user takes only minutes to recover."