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Siafu Taps iSCSI for Encryption

POWAY, Calif. -- Siafu Software, the leader in IP encrypted SAN Storage, today announced that hardware data encryption is now offered as a standard feature on all Siafu Swarm Series models. This makes Siafu Swarm the industry's first encrypted RAID Array. An ideal and cost-effective solution for remote sites or wherever security is suspect, Siafu Swarm makes securing data at rest easy and affordable.

Siafu Swarm IP SAN Appliances pair advanced AES 256-bit encryption with features for server storage consolidation, centralized management, automatic backup, high availability and seamless integration with the Microsoft operating environment. These low-cost appliances use iSCSI to deliver all the benefits of storage networking without the complexity of traditional fibre channel so that small and mid-sized businesses (SMB) can easily and affordably manage their network storage. Built with the latest RAID 51/61 active/active failover technology, Siafu Swarm ensures protection against data loss during long rebuilds.

"With new security regulations and corporate governance policies, storage with encryption is becoming an increasing necessity," said Ashby Lincoln, president and CEO, VeriStor Systems, Inc. "By matching powerful encryption technology with a low price point, Siafu Swarm with Encryption is an ideal solution for any environment where security for stored data is important."

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