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Servecentric Adds Carriers

DUBLIN -- Servecentric, Ireland's leading data centre, today announced the addition of another two new carriers to service their data centre. It brings to twelve the number of Telecommunications carriers with a point-of-presence in Servecentric. This ensures that it can offer its data centre customers the
most diverse range of access in Dublin. The new carriers include leading
Irish provider Magnet Business, plus a major global carrier.

The growing requirement for bandwidth heavy applications such as gaming, streaming and video on-demand, necessitates a higher speed network access.
By increasing its number of carriers to twelve, Servecentric has increased the communications options for its customers and secured its position as one of Ireland's leading telecommunications hubs.

This news closely follows Servecentric joining INEX, the fastest growing internet exchange in Europe. INEX is fast becoming a vital part of Ireland national communications infrastructure.

Donal Hanrahan, Sales and Marketing Director, Magnet Business, said, "Servecentric's data centre was an ideal location for Magnet Business to establish a point-of-presence, given the pedigree of clients it hosts,
including banks, semi-states and multi-nationals. In fact, since entering
its data centre we have already signed a significant 3 year contract to provide high speed data connectivity to one of Servecentric's largest customers".

Servecentric Ltd.