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Schwartz Shines His Blog Light

6:00 PM -- Are business blogs about to gain greater prominence and legitimacy? They will if Sun Microsystems' Jonathan Schwartz has anything to say about it.

We noted about a year ago the rising prominence of storage execs blogging their hearts out. (See Have Title, Will Blog.) But the Sun CEO said this week he wants to expand the content options in his regular blog, and in a letter to the Securities and Exchange Commission (linked in his blog), he says he wants to be able to use his online podium to break news about the company, announce financial results, or issue other "material news."

He goes on to characterize press releases and conference calls for such events "anachronistic."

It's an interesting idea, and certainly an appropriate use of a business blog. My two cents -- It should supplement, not replace, these other formats. Full disclosure: I'm not carrying water here for PR Newswire, which is run by the same company that owns CMP Technology and the Light Reading titles, including Byte and Switch.

But before Schwartz launches headlong into the headline business, he ought to know it's not as easy as it looks sometimes. There are the inevitable slow news days. There's those painful writeups of backup and archiving deployments at Podunk Community College, calls for greater interoperability, or some poor soul claiming to have made the business case for virtualization.

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