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Sanbolic Enhances Clustered File System

WATERTOWN, Mass. -- Sanbolic has added new distributed locking components to its Melio clustered file system, specifically optimized for block objects such as virtual disk files and databases. This allows high performance direct I/O on SAN infrastructure and the capability to support very large clusters of host machines for virtualized cloud infrastructure. Sanbolic has also added support for shared host access to a LUN for Windows Server 2008 R2 beta, which enables live migration for Hyper-V. In addition, Melio FS now provides shared access to data on SAN storage from virtual machines running on Citrix XenServer. This capability has been available for Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware ESX virtual machines since last year.

"Current options for host clustering in virtual datacenters have limited scalability and performance," said Momchil Michailov, CEO of Sanbolic. "The new lock architecture in Melio provides virtually unlimited cluster sizes while providing native performance of the SAN storage infrastructure." Melio FS also provides integrated storage I/O and transaction performance monitoring, as well as quality of service assignment by host. These tools enable administrators to better identify and manage any storage bottlenecks in their virtual infrastructure.

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