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Redline Adds Features To Web Application Accelerator

Redline Networks is adding new software features to its Web application accelerator appliances that will support increased availability and easier administration of enterprises' Web-based applications.

Release 3.3 of the software for Redline's T|X Web I/O Accelerators and its E|X Enterprise Application Processors is scheduled to be available March 15, according to the company. New features of the release include support for a self-healing mesh of up to 64 units acting as a single logical system; intelligent, graphical reporting of a wide range of system statistics; load balancing of HTTP/S, FTP, UDP and TCP protocols; and a content-routing system configurable for any combination of Layer 4 to Layer 7 traffic.

Craig Stouffer, Redline's vice president of marketing, said the new features let Redline's equipment provide "another level of availability" for enterprise Web applications.

"If you're running an SAP implementation, you've got millions invested in it and that application simply can't go down," Stouffer said. In Redline's mesh technology, if one or more back-end systems fails, traffic is instantly redistributed across the remaining units in the mesh, providing an uninterrupted experience for end-users making requests to a server.

The new software also supports Layer 4 and Layer 7 load balancing, which Redline said administrators can use to replace existing dedicated load balancers. Roy Johnson, chief executive officer of Redline, said the load-balancing support can help Redline gain traction in large enterprises, something that's always a challenge for startups.

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