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Q&A: AMD's Ruiz Says 'Our Opportunity For Growth Is Phenomenal'

Since joining Advanced Micro Devices Inc. five years ago as president and chief operating officer, Hector Ruiz has overseen an unparalleled wave of advancement by a company that had struggled mightily for 30 years to create a niche for itself in the x86 microprocessor market against industry leader Intel.

Named chief executive three years ago and chairman last year, Ruiz has led AMD in moving beyond its traditional "clone" processor role to become a technology innovator, first by leading the market in the introduction of the first 64-bit implementation of an x86 architecture and, most recently, rolling out the first dual-core x86 processors for the high-volume server market.

As AMD prepares to begin shipping its first dual-core processors for the desktop PC market later this month, Ruiz recently talked to InformationWeek about the challenges ahead.

InformationWeek: AMD has enjoyed unprecedented visibility over the past year. How would you rate the company's execution during that period?

Ruiz: I am thrilled with the way our company has executed over the last couple of years. But I also want to emphasis at the same time that it wasn't easy. This is pretty hard stuff, and we have a lot of bright people in the company that have worked incredibly hard to be able to execute on this. We discount most of the stuff that is written up. We don't eat our own press, frankly.

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