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Pundits Ponder Potential Pitfalls

As storage grows in importance within businesses, so does the potential for high-profile snafus and career meltdowns. If you avoid the following pitfalls, you could be the toast of the boardroom. Ignore them, and your career could end up as toast.

Bridge the Skills Gap

"Storage managers and storage administrators need to start taking education outside of IT in areas such as business management and project management," says William Hurley, senior analyst at the Data Mobility Group, adding that this can be a "career breaker."

According to Hurley, around 40 percent of all IT projects either fail or come in below expectations, thanks in part to lack of project management experience on the part of key personnel.

These sentiments are echoed by Thornton May, executive director of the IT Leadership Academy, a Jacksonville, Fla.-based consulting firm, and an MBA tutor at Ohio State University. "Storage people tend to be isolated in occupational caves," he explains. "They are subterranean beings, and they need to get out into the light of day."

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