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Pipe Cleaners

Denial-of-service attacks, spam, and Internet worms: Theyre all growth industries. But where there’s real danger and the threat of disruption, there’s opportunity. These security threats represent opportunity for service providers and equipment vendors alike.

For whatever reason, the pace and number of network security threats is growing daily. Network security experts say there are more Internet bogeymen than ever before, and they are multiplying fast. This explains the large move in the security equipment market to firewalls that can scale to gigabit speeds and incorporate all sorts of new packet-scanning features such as anti-virus protection and intrusion detection services (IDS).

“It’s like an arms race between the hackers and the guardians,” explains Mike Arnavutian, head of security strategy at BT Global Services, who was interviewed in the recent

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“The challenge is keeping up with the new forms of attacks," he warns. "The sophistication of the attacks is growing, as is the ease with which they can be launched. So you're getting fairly clueless people getting ahold of hacking software and bringing down organizations.”

So, the big question is, who’s going to clean this stuff up?

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