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Pinnacle Announces Combo Graphics / Storage AMC module

COLUMBUS, Ohio--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Pinnacle Data Systems, Inc. (PDSi) today announced its new AMC-E24D Dual Display Graphics+Storage Module, a AdvancedMC (AMC) product offering both high-resolution 3D graphics and high-capacity SATA storage capabilities in a single mid-size board. This compact module has been qualified with a number of AdvancedTCA (ATCA) carriers, including PDSi's own ATCA blade servers, and provides a very convenient way to locally boot, view, and manage mission-critical applications on these platforms.

The AMC-E24D board uses the ATI E2400 graphics processor from AMD to drive two simultaneous, independent video outputs via its front panel connectors. Graphics rendering in 2D and 3D is possible up to 2048x1536 resolution. For storage, PDSi offers the choice of either traditional server-class hard disk drives (HDDs) or the newest super-rugged Intel X25-E Extreme SATA solid-state drives (SSDs). Unlike traditional rotating HDDs, these SSDs have no moving parts, resulting in a quiet, cool, highly rugged storage solution that also provides faster system responsiveness.

"We see an increasing requirement for graphics and local storage in ATCA applications," said Michael Darnell, VP of PDSi's Embedded Products Group. "For adding those capabilities, this new combo AMC is a convenient, cost-effective alternative to an ATCA rear transition module. With high-reliability Intel SSDs and the same robust ATI graphics processor that we use in our PMC and XMC video cards, this module is an excellent fit for critical systems deployed in aircraft, ships, and ground-based vehicles."

Available now, the AMC-E24D starts at under $900.

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