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Paremus Plays Its Hand

PHILADELPHIA -- Gt04 -- Emerging from stealth after three years, U.K. startup Paremus Ltd. unveiled its data-center optimization software here today at the Gt’04 conference.

Paremus was founded in 2001 by Richard Nicholson and Richard Barclay, two former vice presidents at Salomon Brothers. With grid computing so closely allied to scientific research, it is perhaps not surprising that Nicholson also has a background as an astrophysicist, having worked at Jodrell Bank Observatory in the U.K.

To date, the company has received $3 million worth of funding from investment firm Broadband Network Management Ltd. However, there is more than one face to Paremus. The company also has a consultancy wing, which turned over $1.5 million last year, and is being used to support the product technology side of the business.

The fruits of these labors emerged today in Philadelphia, with the launch of Infiniflow, a software that sits on top of data center provisioning applications. These include, for example, applications covered by Sun Microsystems Inc.'s (Nasdaq: SUNW) N1 strategy, which lets firms manage a range of devices as if they were a single computer.

Infiniflow, based on a Java-based technology called Jini, helps shift data to the most appropriate resources, such as server processors or storage. The product can also work with chips and operating system from any vendors, according to executives at Paremus.

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