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Panasas Is 'Intel Cluster Ready'

FREMONT, Calif. -- Panasas, Inc., the global leader in parallel storage solutions for the High Performance Computing (HPC) market, today announced that its ActiveStor Storage Clusters are the first parallel storage solution to be certified as part of the Intel Cluster Ready program. The Intel Cluster Ready program is designed to make it easier for users to acquire and deploy clusters built with Intel components.

Intel Cluster Ready applications and components have been vigorously tested to ensure applications will run on a given cluster configuration. The Intel Cluster Ready Specification is the key to Intel Cluster Ready certification, as it eliminates sources of variability that do not impact performance usability, or utility, but can spell disaster when left unspecified. This specification eliminates the risk of installing incompatible solutions and reduces the time to acquire, configure and deploy Intel-based clusters. The benefits to end users are increased productivity and faster time-to-results.

"Panasas is pleased to be working closely with Intel to deliver best-in-class, Linux clustered computing and parallel storage solutions that address customers' most demanding HPC application I/O requirements," said Len Rosenthal, chief marketing officer at Panasas. "Our work with the Intel Cluster Ready program reflects a shared vision for commercial, government and academic customers to take advantage of the industry's highest performance and easiest-to-manage parallel storage solutions."

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