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Ocarina Announces Product Launch

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Ocarina Networks today announced the availability of its industry-first online storage optimization solution, helping customers store up to 10 times more data on their current storage from any storage vendor.

As the volume of information created and shared over the Internet, including email attachments, office and media files continues to grow at a massive rate, the requirements for the modern Internet data center have dramatically evolved. Now more than ever, organizations need solutions that cost-effectively increase the capacity of their existing storage solutions, while decreasing related operational expenses.

"The explosion of digital content is forcing organizations to find ways to optimize primary disk capacity," said Heidi Biggar, an analyst with Enterprise Strategy Group. "Products such as Ocarina's storage optimization technology, which compresses and de-duplicates data at the information level, are taking center stage because of the immediate cost-savings they can enable. In today's world, tools like these aren't just 'nice-to-haves,' they are becoming 'must haves.'"

Ocarina Networks