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NuView Gets Personal

NuView Inc. is shipping software that combines its global namespace technology with administration of user access rights (see NuView Releases MyView).

The software, dubbed MyView, lets administrators assign user profiles across multiple servers. Users only see the directories they're entitled to use. If a worker moves from one department to another, he or she doesn't need to change the profile but is automatically equipped with direct access based on new entitlements.

"Everyone thinks about global namespace. What customers need to do is find a way to make it manageable," says NuView CEO Rahul Mehta. He says pairing security with file management is an ideal way to do this.

To support his view, Mehta quotes statistics, such as: 80 percent of security breaches are triggered by corporate insiders; and 60 percent of helpdesk calls come from people whose efforts to move access rights from one server to another are bollixed.

MyView is different from NuView's foundation namespace product, StorageX, though Mehta says it runs well alongside it. In this first release, MyView runs only under Windows, while StorageX runs under Unix and Windows. MyView also doesn't provide the data management features of StorageX, such as data migration, consolidation, and replication. In a sense, it's a one-trick pony.

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