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Novell Introduces First File Management Suite Based On Identity And Policy

WALTHAM, Mass., Jan. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Novell today announced the release of Novell File Management Suite, an integrated file storage solution that provisions, moves, optimizes and reports on file storage based on user roles and customized business policies. For the first time, organizations, regardless of operating system or existing storage management solution, can intelligently manage file storage at its source, tying the file to the user for the entire data lifecycle. Providing organizations with a clearer picture of its data, Novell File Management Suite enables an organization to plan for and deploy an efficient and cost-effective storage infrastructure as well as execute on compliance and governance requirements.

"For years, customers have faced the challenge of data management by saving everything - paying the price for added disk space without really having a logical way to find and access that information," said Costa Speliakos, chief executive officer of EOS Systems. "With the Novell File Management Suite, our customers now have the tools and power to better understand and manage their information assets, while reducing the administrative burden and cost of unstructured data."


Novell File Management Suite reins in the chaos of unstructured data in typical file storage environments with automated reporting, provisioning, decommissioning, relocating, vaulting and tiering - all driven by organizational policies and based on employee identities yet with no impact to the end user. While existing storage solutions manage data at the block level, without any intelligence on the file's context, relevance or priority, Novell File Management Suite leverages identity so that an organization's premium storage resources can be reserved for the data that is most important to the business. This drives efficiency in IT hardware, administration and ultimately enhances collaboration between users. In addition, Novell File Management Suite complements a business' existing storage resource management solutions such as EMC*, HP*, Hitachi*, NetApp*, and others and interoperates across Linux* and Windows* platforms.

  Novell File Management Suite includes three products:

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