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No Omen: IBM Launches Pandemic Assessment Service On 6/6/06

It’s just a coincidence that IBM Global Services chose the date 6/6/06 to launch a services practice around pandemic assessment, said Brent Woodworth, worldwide segment manager of the IBM Crisis Response Team.

IBM has no knowledge of any unearthly events that may or may not occur today or any other day, but the IT giant wants customers to be prepared for the worst, Woodworth said.

“This offering is based on a lot of experience my team has had with business continuity and recovery services. My team has responded to over 70 international events,” including last year’s tsunami in Indonesia and Thailand and Hurricane Katrina, Woodworth said.

IBM developed the pandemic assessment services in part because of the increase in significant natural disasters in the past few years, Woodworth said. “With the potential risk of something such as the pandemic flu, that is another layer on top of natural disasters. This could have a significant impact on human capital, the personnel to conduct daily business and getting supplies. There are many factors that come into play,” Woodworth said.

“What we learned over time [was] there are huge benefits to being proactive in preparing for crisis events. The return is significant,” he added.

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