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NFP Picks Fortiva's SaaS Archive

TORONTO -- Fortiva Inc, a leading provider of on-demand email archiving, today announced that National Financial Partners (NFP) has selected the Fortiva Archiving Suite to manage their archiving requirements for their over 180 owned firms in 41 states and Puerto Rico. NFP chose Fortiva to replace a leading in-house solution, in order to better address their rapid growth, e-discovery and compliance requirements. The firm reports an expected email related cost savings of approximately 20 percent annually, in addition to significantly improved email reliability, storage management and archive search times compared to the previous system implemented.

As a rapidly expanding organization, NFP has a very high rate of email traffic growth and a large store of archived data. As a result, the firm needed to add large amounts of data to the archive without experiencing performance degradation issues. They also needed to ensure the archive was fully searchable for legal and regulatory reasons.

“Everyday, there is the potential for new acquisitions, and we need to be prepared to bring on hundreds of new users with little or no notice. The in-house archive we were running simply couldn’t keep up – it was causing us some serious performance issues, and the backup costs were continuing to escalate,” said Stuart Tainsky, SVP of Technology at NFP. “With Fortiva, we can eliminate the physical limitations to growth, giving us the ultimate flexibility to expand as needed without compromising on email performance.”

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