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Smarter access management

The design and implementation of well-automated, policy-driven access management strategy requires thought, effort, and money. But it can be well worth it for organizations that recognize the need to take friction out of service delivery to an increasingly mobile workforce under dynamic business conditions.

Key benefits include:

  • Elimination of the productivity lost as a result slow on-boarding and slow provisioning of services for employees when they move into new positions
  • Greater organizational agility
  • Mitigation of security and compliance risks associated with failure to immediate inactivate user accounts when an employee is fired or transferred to another position
  • Freeing IT staff from a high volume of housekeeping tasks
  • Higher ROI on investments in new digital services through faster, broader user uptake
  • Better long-term engagement with tech-centric employees whose tolerance for unresponsive, non-consumerized corporate IT continues to decline

For these reasons and others, IT leaders -- as well as their peers in HR and the CFO's office -- may want to consider a fresh approach to access management that get the right resources to the right people at the right time with less manual work and less opportunity for costly errors.

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