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NetIQ Boosts PlateSpin Products To Ease Data Migration

NetIQ has enhanced three of its PlateSpin virtualization and workload management products to make data migration quicker and easier, especially over connections that are busy or expensive. The three products--PlateSpin Forge, PlateSpin Protect and PlateSpin Migrate--enable users to configure bandwidth throttling and compression. This results in shorter backup windows and faster migrations, which are particularly useful over overloaded LAN or high-priced WAN connections.

Other enhancements to the three products include enhanced support for Windows and Linux, and added support for Novell’s Open Enterprise Server 2 (OES2), which the company said would make it easier for organizations that have mixed workstation implementations.

Specific enhancements to the three products include the following:

  • PlateSpin Forge 3.1, a hardware appliance, now includes user-configurable bandwidth throttling and compression to reduce backup windows, and offers disaster recovery capabilities for Novell OES2 as well as for Windows and Linux.
  • PlateSpin Protect 10.1, which provides for recovery of virtual and physical server workloads, now offers support for improved network utilization controls, virtual clusters and OES2, as well as improved security of data on the Internet.
  • PlateSpin Migrate 9.1, which makes it easier for network administrators to migrate data among physical servers, virtual hosts and image archives without having to be concerned about the underlying hardware, now supports the migration of Novell OES2 files.

    The remaining two PlateSpin products, PlateSpin Orchestrate and PlateSpin Recon, were
    apparently not enhanced at this time.

    Ironically, all this support for Novell OES2 comes after the products themselves are no longer managed by Novell (though the products’ websites are still part of the Novell domain). The PlateSpin family of products was acquired in 2008 by Novell, which itself was purchased by Attachmate in November 2010. In May 2011, Attachmate passed ownership of the PlateSpin products to NetIQ, which it had purchased in April 2006.

    PlateSpin Forge 3.1 and PlateSpin Protect 10.1 are available now; PlateSpin Migrate 9.1 is expected to be available later this month. PlateSpin Forge 3.1 is priced starting at $2,500 per server for protection of up to 25 servers. PlateSpin Protect 10.1 is priced starting at $1,495 per workload. PlateSpin Migrate 9.1 is priced starting at $295 per workload.

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