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NetEx Speeds Cloud Backup, Recovery

MINNEAPOLIS -- NetEx, the leader in high speed data transport over TCP, today announced a new solution to overcoming the bandwidth limits of replicating and recovering data from cloud storage sites with the new HyperIP for Cloud Data Transport acceleration technology solution and the exclusive Recovery on Demand technology.

Cloud storage customers often struggle with the tradeoff between high costs for more bandwidth or extended Recovery Time Objectives for restoring files after a system or local storage failure. HyperIP for Cloud eliminates this issue by enabling enterprises to move or replicate vast amounts of critical information using their common Ethernet and TCP/IP networks.

“The appealing value proposition of cloud storage rapidly disappears if customers can’t recover data on a timely basis during a disaster recovery operation,” said Robert MacIntyre, Vice President of Business Development and Marketing at NetEx. “HyperIP for Cloud is a simple and highly effective solution to the bandwidth limitations related to replicating and recovering data from cloud storage repositories.”

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