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NEC Plots HydraStor Campaign

NEC Corp. of America's taking a tortoise's approach to rolling out its futuristic HydraStor storage platform. But a pilot reseller program, along with some quiet but aggressive marketing, could help NEC gain headway.

To review: It's been nearly a year since NEC introduced HydraStor, an IP-based storage system that combines disk backup and archiving, features a modular architecture, and packs de-duplication and data compression.

But HydraStor's only been shipping since October, and NEC isn't ready to relinquish the reins to channel partners. Instead, the company is pounding the pavement directly. And it's created a pilot program for a handful of selected resellers, who will act as guinea pigs for a full-scale channel partner rollout in January 2009.

NEC's reasoning is that HydraStor is different enough that its introduction to customers needs to be supported by lots of handholding. "HydraStor is a new technology. It's not a 'me too' system. We are a next-generation storage platform, and we want to make sure we can help our customers," says Karen Dutch, general manager of the Advanced Storage Products Group at NEC Corp. of America. "We're going to walk before we can run. This is a solution sell. It involves performance, backup windows, retrieve time, litigation support features. Partners need expertise in those areas."

Dutch denies that customers are resistant to the new technology in HydraStor, or that sales cycles are long. "We're doing really well. We're ahead of our business plan," she says. But she refuses to reveal any specific customer figures.

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