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NComputing 'Office In A Box' Offers Small And Medium Sized Businesses State-Of-The-Art Technology At A Fraction Of The Cost

NComputing, a global leader in desktop virtualization, today launched "Office in a Box" in response to the growing need of small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) to have access to state-of-art office productivity solutions at a fraction of the cost. This is the second vertical market solution to be delivered by NComputing - the first being Classroom in a Box which was designed to help budget-strapped educational institutions maintain a more viable and less costly IT model.

Building and maintaining IT is a major challenge for SMBs because it often requires that they purchase a PC for every employee - involving high acquisition and on-going maintenance costs as well as significant expenditure on bought-in IT skills. In response to these issues, Office in a Box provides an all-inclusive, pre-tested, easy-to-deploy desktop virtualization solution that can be tailored to meet the requirements of any sized SMB.

The advanced desktop virtualization products that comprise Office in a Box provide an alternative to the traditional "one PC per user" model by allowing a single server to simultaneously support up to 60 users - with each running their own independent set of applications.
    The value that Office in a Box can bring to SMBs includes:
    - Reduced up-front PC acquisition costs by 75%
    - Lowers maintenance and support costs by 75%
    - Reduces power and cooling requirements by 90%
    - Reduced risk resulting from device loss and theft
    - Simple access to advanced cloud based applications and technology

Said Jim McHugh, SVP Marketing for NComputing, "The proliferation of PCs has become a financial and management constraint for SMBs. Office in a Box utilizes our virtualization technology to address these challenges so that SMBs can deploy solutions that help them focus on business advancement not technology issues."

Office in a Box includes Host Server(s), vSpace Virtualization Software, OS licenses, NComputing virtual desktops and basic peripherals such as monitors, keyboards and mice. Solution add-ons are available for larger deployments such as virtual desktop failover, storage, and server virtualization infrastructure for scaling to support large populations.
NComputing Office In A Box is available immediately from leading technology distributors. For more information and configuration options