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Nationwide Building Taps Unisys

SWINDON, U.K. -- Three services and technology initiatives recently undertaken with Unisys Corporation (NYSE:UIS) by the United Kingdoms largest building society, Nationwide, are bringing the building society marked cost efficiencies and operational benefits. Unisys is helping Nationwide, a long-time customer, overhaul key IT infrastructure, including storage and mainframes.

The initiatives include:

  • Technology support and maintenance services for the building society’s Unisys ClearPath Dorado mainframes and associated peripherals;
  • An upgrade for ClearPath Dorado mainframes in Nationwide’s Swindon technology centre and Wellingborough development and disaster recovery centre; and
  • Implementation of a high-performance EMC disk storage system to support database-intensive applications and customer service requirements.

“Unisys services and technology have provided critical support for Nationwide’s demanding growth and customer service enhancement strategy for years,” said Michael Humphreys, IT Director, Nationwide Building Society. “Nationwide anticipates that the upgraded ClearPath systems, enhanced storage and extended support Unisys provides will enable us to continue growing and accommodating an expanding customer base more effectively while lowering our IT costs over the long-term.”

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