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Myricom, Foundry Push 10-Gig

Foundry Networks Inc. (Nasdaq: FDRY) and Myricom Inc. have joined forces in an effort to drive 10-Gbit/s technology out of its high-performance computing niche and into enterprise data centers (see Foundry Allies With Myricom).

The two companies will test and reference-sell Foundrys 10-Gbit/s switches and Myricom’s new 10-Gbit/s Ethernet Network Interface Cards (NICs) (see Myricom Brings HPC to Ethernet).

It may sound like any old partnership, but because 10-Gbit/s has traditionally been the preserve of high-performance computing users, it could signal a shift in industry thinking. Steven Schuchart, an analyst with Current Analysis, believes the deal opens the door to enterprise data centers. “This announcement signals the first wave of people [who are] not necessarily in high performance computing, putting 10-Gbit/s cards in their data center servers.”

Speed, according to Schuchart, will be the key selling point, with users depoying the NICs to speed up data transfer and backups. “For some companies this will make sound financial sense,” he says. “There aren’t a whole lot of 10-Gbit/s NICs out there.”

Many users are looking for faster Ethernet to cope with increased data volumes, particularly in high-end enterprises and telcos. This, in turn, has prompted a flurry of activity in the 10-Gbit/s Ethernet space from Foundry and its rivals, Cisco Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: CSCO) and Extreme Networks Inc. (Nasdaq: EXTR). (See Components Fuel 10G Ethernet Takeoff.)

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