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Moonwalk Takes Small Steps

ILM/data migration startup Moonwalk has added a few more partners, as it builds momentum from its homebase in Australia.

Today, the startup, whose product is also called Moonwalk, announced an OEM deal with Messaging Architects, a Montreal-based firm that sells email management software for Netware environments. The agreement calls for Messaging Architects' email archiving software to incorporate Moonwalk's policy-based method of moving objects from one tier of storage to another.

Moonwalk also has inked a deal with Grau Data Storage, a provider of storage management products in Germany.

The additions make the list of Moonwalk's partners almost bigger than its list of employees. Even though the company has about 10 full-time programmers, it has certifications, development agreements, or official partnerships with Caringo, EMC, HP, Microsoft, Novell, and Sun. And among analysts and experts, the company's reputation is growing.

"They have an extremely interesting object model approach to file management that obviates the need for metadata servers or centralized controls," says Brad O'Neill of the Taneja Group consultancy. Whereas other firms, such as competitors Arkivio and CaminoSoft, require some sort of middleware or central console to move files from one place to another based on policies, Moonwalk's software does not.

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