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MoneyGram Implements Data Dedupe to Fight Storage Sprawl, Speed Backups

With more than 180,000 locations in 190 different countries and territories, MoneyGram provides daily money transfers, bill payments and issuance of money orders. The company has been in the financial services business for seven decades, so it also knows that providing money services means not only expedient real-time processing, but effective data archiving and recovery.

"Because we are in the money transfer business, we wanted to look at a more formalized approach to our data archiving, backup and e-discovery," says Scot Prudhomme, manager of system integration and storage management at MoneyGram. "We didn't really have a formalized approach before, and we were beginning to encounter storage sprawl in our data center. A key business question for us was what were we going to do with all of our data growing exponentially? In the past, we simply bought more storage, so the challenge was finding a storage solution that was more than simply adding capacity."

MoneyGram's quest for an overall data and storage management strategy needed to address several key pain points:

-- As business continued to expand, so did data and storage. MoneyGram had outgrown its previous data and storage management practices and it wanted a fresh approach.

-- MoneyGram was concerned about storage sprawl, and wanted to ensure that storage capacity was optimally utilized.

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