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Mimosa Covers Email

Startup Mimosa Systems Inc. has unveiled a continuous data protection (CDP) product to manage email on Microsoft Exchange servers.

The problem is straightforward: Despite new regulations, growing litigation, and the sheer volume of email in many organizations, software hasn't kept up, not even from Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT). (See Microsoft Backs Up on CDP Claim.)

Mimosa is one of a small number of players that see the gap as an opportunity. Its NearPoint package applies CDP to email, first by creating an archive for Exchange. When disaster hits, IT managers can quickly retrieve folders, messages, mailboxes, and other Exchange elements, instead of hunting their way through whole databases using MAPI. Search functions designed to be "Google-like" help with compliance and legal discovery and ensure the mail server isn't consumed with lots of duplicates, old data, and other flotsam that can burden storage.

Since NearPoint also tracks email transactions and matches those to a running log to enable recovery from any point in time, it can follow a trail of changes, such as those that might be made furtively by guilty parties covering their electronic tracks. Capice?

Mimosa's CEO T.M. Ravi, a startup veteran who also worked at Computer Associates International Inc. (CA) (NYSE: CA), says NearPoint is just the start of a series of products the company hopes to provide for CDP-based management of unstructured data. "Email is our first effort. We are looking at other areas, such as collaborative documents," he says.

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