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Microsoft Shift Puts Networking Front And Center

Ray Ozzie's new gig as Microsoft Chief Software Architect exemplifies the company's reset course in a Software-as-a-Service world.

Ozzie takes on the title from company co-founder and Chairman Bill Gates as part of a two-year transition that will give Gates more time for philanthropic work. Craig Mundie is now chief research and strategy officer. Both Ozzie and Mundie had been chief technology officers.

"My role will be changing and expanding," Ozzie told CRN last Thursday night.

But the software services effort, which Ozzie already leads, will continue full speed ahead. Ozzie is known as the father of Notes, a client/server collaboration tool now owned by IBM. "The services push will continue to be central because it touches most of the products and services around here," he said.

Solution providers that are flexible and adapt to change will flourish, even while facing the threat of disintermediation in a SaaS world.

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