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Microsoft Releases New Vista Deployment Tools

Microsoft is issuing a series of six Vista deployment tools this week that the vendor says will help companies accelerate the implementation process while removing much of the complexity and cost associated with migrating to the new operating system.

Companies are reluctant to move to Vista. It's not the lack of upgrade tools, but the bloated hardware requirements and a general lack of ROI on the standard business desktop. For the large majority of business desktops, Windows XP is more than sufficient. Microsoft has not done a good job of convincing businesses they need to expend the massive effort required to replace hardware and re-image every machine on the network. In addition, many companies are waiting for Microsoft to release a Service Pack for Vista and for initial bugs to shake out. Microsoft's release of the new tools is a good thing, but it won't visibly change the Vista adoption rate in the near term.
Steven J. Schuchart Jr.
NWC Contributing Editor

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