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Mendocino Makes an Event of CDP

Mendocino Software finally unveiled its continuous data protection (CDP) product today, taking the wraps off an appliance that will show up under the brand of EMC Corp. (NYSE: EMC) and at least one other major storage vendor (See Mendocino Intros RecoveryONE .)

Mendocino hopes its RecoveryOne appliance will distinguish itself in a suddenly crowded field of CDP products through its ability to restore data based on pre-configured events as well as predefined times.

CDP products save all updates and allow users to go back to any previous point in time to recover data. RecoveryOne does that, but it also allows customers to mark specific events for rapid recovery. These events can include the times before or after applying a software patch, the close of business day or quarter, or the taking of a specific database snapshot.

The distinction is one of efficiency and convenience. Instead of searching for the last good version before an event occurred, customers can go right to the event and restore from that point. The result is faster recovery in a more significant timeslot, the vendor claims. We let customers use business processes as a recovery point,” Mendocino marketing VP Eric Burgener says.

“Say you complete all transactions and flush everything out of your buffer. Now you have a consistent image where everything ends at a nice spot. And you don’t have to mount all those previous views,” says analyst Diane McAdam of Data Mobility Group.

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