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Lewis: I can't answer that one either. I can tell you that in Q1 we did well -- 26 percent year-over-year growth. It turned out to be a little shy of the expectations we set in December, but given how the economy turned out, we were pleased with that. We grew faster than EMC in all our competitive market segments -- external enterprise storage, SANs, and software. So we were happy with our Q1 numbers, but we aren't going to make any forward comments about the other quarters.

Byte and Switch: In the context of the developments we're in the midst of, what do you see as the things that people ought to be paying attention to over the next couple of years?

Lewis: I think one is the change in interoperability that we're seeing -- that is starting to become real, and I think that's going to open up some doors for people. Obviously, our bet, strategically, is on virtualization -- that it will be the killer piece of software that really makes storage utilities incredibly efficient. The third thing I'd comment on is storage utilities in general. The idea of delivering storage as a resource has really come of age, I think, and almost every mid- to large-size company should be thinking about how they are going to get there. The final thing I'd say, in a vertical market, you'll continue to see storage prices go down. One of the reasons that we believe the market will have a lot of help, even in coming years, is that we continue to see what I call analog-to-digital conversion as prices come down. So, as prices come down, more movie studios, for example, decide to digitize all their old films. Hospitals decide to digitize all their old X-rays, and all their new ones will be digital. So, we continue to see new applications open up.

Byte and Switch: Do you see the push from the network service providers and long-haul carriers having a significant impact on the direction that the storage networking industry takes?

Lewis: To some degree, wide-area networking has to have an impact, because you have to get the data delivered to where the consumer is. So we have to accommodate that. I don't know that they are a driving force in saying how it's going to be done, but we do have to pay attention to what's happening in the telco arena, because these are the people actually delivering the data.