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Mark Lewis: Page 13 of 15

Byte and Switch: What sort of distances do you think the majority of customers need to traverse with their storage networks?

Lewis: It goes in banding. We find a small band that just want protection from a fire, vandalism, and so forth. They are talking about a single campus -- under 5 kilometers. The next level is talking to their insurance companies about fire and flood, and are talking in the 5 to 20km range. And then there is a group that is in more of the earthquake protection range, and they are talking about 100km, minimum. Then there is a final group that have offices around the world. The biggest grouping is in the 5 to 20km range.

Byte and Switch: IDC's Disk Storage report published in December projected that 2001 would see a downturn in the growth of storage shipments, compared to the 1999-2000 leap. Was their projection accurate? If so, when do you see storage volumes picking up again?

Lewis: We don't want to predict the market at this point.

Byte and Switch: Are your storage sales on track for your internal projections?