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Mark Lewis

The Byte and Switch Interview

In the Spotlight: Mark Lewis, vice president and general manager of Compaq's Enterprise Storage Group

If you are like many people, you may think of
Compaq Computer Corp.(NYSE: CPQ) as a PC vendor. While the company has its roots in the PC business, Compaq is also a big player in both the server and storage markets.

To illustrate, during the company's last fiscal year, its enterprise computing business segment pulled in $14.316 billion in revenue, representing 34 percent of the company's total revenue of $42.383 billion. Within the enterprise computing business segment, storage products accounted for $5.24 billion in revenue, better than 36 percent of that segment's total revenue.

Additionally, the recently released
storage study ranks Compaq number two in worldwide host-attached external RAID storage with 27.3 percent of that market, behind
Sun Microsystems Inc. (Nasdaq: SUNW)
with 31.6 percent; and number two in worldwide external hardware RAID controller-based storage at 10.8 percent, behind

with 34.6 percent.

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