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LSI Shrinks Security Chip

Just a few months after closing its acquisition of Tarari Inc. , LSI Corp. (NYSE: LSI) is introducing a content-inspection chip that it believes will open up a whole new class of security and threat management products.

The new chip, the Tarari T1000, occupies one-tenth of the board space of previous options, supports RAM-less and single-memory chip operating modes, and can handle up to 2 Gbit/s of throughput. (See LSI Intros Chip.)

It's the first product to come out of the marriage of the two companies. (See LSI Takes Out Tarari.)

The chip enables "a new level of security you couldn't previously get," says John Bromhead, Tarari's content processor product marketing lead. That's because the chip produced in volume will cost about one-tenth of products that are used in content inspection devices today.

That could make a big difference. Bob Wheeler, analyst at The Linley Group , says T1000 "opens up a whole new product segment. There really is no direct competition for this product in the market."

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