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A Look at Email Archiving Options

Email archiving has become one of the leading drivers for purchasing additional storage. The increased reliance on email as a communications mechanism, a growing number of legal regulations, and an ongoing desire to improve system productivity have sparked sales. Osterman Research expects worldwide revenue for email archiving systems to grow from $609 million in 2008 to $1.5 billion in 2011.

While email archiving deployments have become a growing phenomenon, they still remain shrouded in mystery for some. These systems are quite expensive, so many businesses pass them up rather than pay up. In addition, the products can be difficult to use at times, and there has been a fair amount of turbulence among vendors. Despite those issues, the market for these products looks very promising.

No one doubts the volume of email messages will continue to grow. Increasingly, firms are setting up virtual offices where employees are scattered around a state, across the nation, or even on the other side of the ocean. Studer Group, a healthcare consulting group, has about 200 employees, and two thirds of them work remotely. "Our employees rely heavily on email to exchange information," says Shawn Fletcher, a network administrator at Studer Group, which uses an email archiving system from Mimosa Systems.

With such a reliance comes the need to track messages. Busy executives may have hundreds or even thousands of important correspondences and need a simple way to find needed items. The email archiving tools include search tools to help with meet that requirement.

In addition, information can be accidentally deleted. Users want to be able to retrieve a deleted message with a simple press of a few buttons, but that often is not the case. Without an email archiving system, the process of retrieving a message can often take a few days -- compared to less than an hour or just a few seconds and a few quick clicks of a mouse on an email archiving system.

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