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Linux Loses To Microsoft In Midsize Companies

Very few midsize companies are expected to deploy Linux over the next three years, opting to stick with Microsoft Corp.'s Windows to avoid the high cost of maintaining information technology systems running on two separate platforms, a research firm said Tuesday.

Only 10 percent of midsize companies in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom plan to evaluate open-source Linux within the next three years, and only a portion of these will actually adopt it, Info-Tech Research Group said.

In addition, 48 percent of the more than 1,400 IT managers and chief information officers interviewed had no interest in Linux, and 15 percent weren't sure whether Linux had a place in their organizations, the Canadian researcher said. Just 27 percent of midsize companies surveyed were using Linux.

The study highlights the divide between large companies that have embraced Linux, and midsize companies that have shunned the operating system, which is available at no charge, Info-Tech said.

Large companies, defined by Info-Tech as having more $1 billion in revenue, generally have Windows and Unix operating systems, and are choosing to switch from the latter to Linux. Indeed, market research on unit shipments of Windows, Linux and Unix servers often shows the latter falling, whiles sales of the other two are growing.

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