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Linux Group Aids Open Source Vendors, Developers

The Open Source Development Labs, an industry consortium that employs Linux founder Linus Torvalds, on Wednesday said it has formed a technical advisory board to improve communications between vendors, users and developers of the open-source operating system.

The board will be elected by attendees of the annual Linux Kernel Summit, held in July in Ottawa, Canada, the OSDL said. Board members will serve two years, with half of the 10-member board up for election each year.

Stuart Cohen, chief executive of the OSDL said the purpose of the board is to act as a bridge between developers of the Linux kernel and companies distributing and using the OS. Besides helping in communications between the various groups, the board also can help in recruiting developers from enterprises using Linux.

"This is a great opportunity for the technical advisory board to help better connect the OSDL and its members to the Linux kernel development community," Cohen said.

Cohen played down disagreements that have occurred in the past between kernel developers and OSDL members, saying the problems have never been widespread.

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